Taos and Alegria Sandals on Sale - Making Your Footwear Last Longer

Published: 15th February 2012
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Active women opt for comfortable footwear such as Taos shoes or Alegria sandals on sale for daily use. These shoes are ergonomic and offer enough support to reduce pain in your feet. These are soft inside for comfort, and sturdy outside for lasting performance. What attracts more and more women to these shoes is they can be found in a wide variety of colors and designs. Gone are the days when comfy and orthopedic-friendly shoes looked repulsive. You can now be fashionable without sacrificing comfort and health.

Although Alegria and Taos shoes are long lasting, you'll still need to take good care of them. This will ensure your shoes and sandals will last a long time. This is because Taos shoes and Alegria sandals on sale use materials that require regular care and maintenance. Taking care of your shoes will help keep them looking new and make them last longer. Try the following tips at home for the best results.

Follow the same rules as you would for regular footwear. Don't dip your shoes in water. This can trap moisture inside your footwear. Moisture compromises its quality and turns your shoes into a breeding ground for fungi. Placing them in a washing machine or a tumble dryer is definately not a good idea too. The blades could tear your shoes, leading to irreparable damage.

Do not store them in dark, humid places. Be sure to remove them from their boxes, but keep the bridges that retain their shape. This helps prevent creasing and folding, which in turn can make your footwear look old. You could get crumpled newspaper sheets and use them as stuffing should you already threw away the store bridges.

Damp cloth and soapy water normally does the trick. Find a piece of cloth and dip it into soapy water. Ensure that you use mild soap rather than a strong detergent. Dilute this in water by rubbing the soap between your hands a few times. Make use of this diluted formula to clean all your shoes. Ensure that you dry your shoes under the sun afterwards or follow your manufacturer's drying instructions. This would prevent any foul smells from developing.

Find out how to care for specific materials. Most of Taos and Alegria shoes use different varieties of leather. Look at the box to find out what sort of leather it uses and how to clean that variety specifically. Most leather shoes can take a damp cloth cleaning, however some have to have special cleaners.

Full grain, printed and patent leather shoes are the easiest to take care of. These only require soap, water, and in the case of full grain leather, some shoe shine leather cream. Crinkle and Napa, on the other hand, need a special non-abrasive cleaner. This won't scratch the surface of your footwear. Ensure you use soft cloth to clean these shoes to keep it scratch-free.

Manufacturers also make suede footwear as it looks stylish and excellent for fall. It's more high-maintenance and stains easily. Make sure you use suede cleaner and a soft cleaning block for these footwear. Use a pencil eraser if you do not have a soft cleaning block. It's also advisable to have a suede brush to restore the nap after wiping it clean. Finish it off with a few sprays of protective coating to help the shoes repel water and dirt.

Maria Ercole is a designer who designs outfits that coordinate with Alegria sandals on sale and Taos shoes.

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